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8 tips to ensure the same texture is used each time

8 tips to ensure the same texture is used each time. Texlaxing is one of the new words/techniques that emerged a few years ago as part of the healthy hair revolution. To the same extent, it was accepted and rejected by the designer with arrogant ridicule.

If you don’t know, hair removal is simply to texture your hair with a weak relaxant or add oil. Conditioner, protein or a combination of these substances to the relaxant to slow and weaken it to your hair. Impact.

8 tips to ensure the same texture is used each time. The fact that African hair is dry is not changed by your relaxation. In fact, the problem gets worse because of how your hair is stripped after relaxation.

In other words, it is deliberately dealing with your hair, which makes it more textured. Thicker and inherently powerful compared to relaxed hair.

As early as that day, we called it “untreated hair“, which is a frightening situation and is considered a failure to relax. The strange thing is that things change so fast, and now, excessive relaxation is considered to be one of the best ways to continue to enjoy relaxing hair, rather than directly dealing with the negative consequences of bones.

3 things to remember when deep conditioning


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How to care for Brazilian virgin body wave hair

How to care for Brazilian virgin body wave hair. Brazil’s virgin body wave is one of our most popular textures to date. Even surpassing our Brazilian virgin straight hair. The original Brazilian body wavy texture provides an S-type deep wave pattern with low maintenance. In order to keep your bag, you need to wash it once a week and wash your hair every two weeks. These suggestions will help you provide the best experience. And longer wear for your virgin Brazilian wave style.

How to care for Brazilian virgin body wave hair. From the moment you are ready to install the Virgin Brazil Body Wave hair extension. You can decide which best product to use. And even decide how often to wash your hair. Please note that no single care plan will be like the other. When you buy a virgin, your product comes from a donor. Similar to any other human by-product, no two heads are the same, and each time a package is received.different needs are generated. With this sentence, don’t worry if you have to get out of your daily work to take care of your virgin Brazilian body.

How to care for Brazilian virgin body wave hair

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How to tell if your Brazilian curly hair is true

How to tell if your Brazilian curly hair is true. When buying Brazilian wavy hair, especially if it is a virgin hair, you expect a certain quality in the product. You also expect it to be true. If you are not sure, here are a few ways to check if the hair you bought is genuine.

Check color

How to tell if your Brazilian curly hair is true.The real virgin hair has a natural color because it is not dyed by the seller. Although hair has different colors and styles, the main features are usually from sources in different locations. Carefully observe the uniformity of color; most hairs have natural highlights that combine brighter and darker elements. If you find that the colors are too consistent and too monochromatic, then the hair is probably not true. On the other hand, if you find that some lines have a lighter shadow than others, then you may have a real deal.


The virgin’s hair does not have a perfectly perfect texture, such as silky or straight. It actually has a slightly rough surface. If it feels a bit too smooth compared to the virgin hair, it may be caused by exposure to chemicals or treatments. If you use your fingers to pry your hair, you can even feel the coating left by some treatment.

Wet it

Another effective way to check if the hair you bought is true is the wet test. Wash your hair on the running water to see if it keeps curls or hairstyle. If this is the case, then you may actually have virgin hair. However, if your hair is hard and impervious, you may have a wig. Moreover, real hair is lighter than wigs when wet.


Purchase of rights

Although no one method is 100% safe, these steps will at least point you in the right direction. However, in order to ensure that the products you buy are genuine, you can only trade with leading suppliers because they offer the best quality real Brazilian hair.

How to tell if your Brazilian curly hair is true

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How to determine the quality of the WEAVE

How to determine the quality of the WEAVE. If you decide to update your look with a new fabric, you are not alone. Weaving is becoming more and more popular due to the improvement in quality. And the wide range of woven products available for purchase. Furthermore, although there are many high-quality fabrics to choose from. There are some low-quality products that you should stay away from. It’s important to determine the quality of the fabric before purchasing, and these tips can help you make better purchasing decisions.

Lace buckle

How to determine the quality of the WEAVE.One of the most important factors that will affect the quality of them weave and how great it looks in your hair is the type of closure it has. Lace seals are considered the preferred type of closure. It has a nice lace material that your designer can use to weave onto your head using a professional. And seamless fit. Its unique design makes it easier for stylists to create the perfect look. In general, having a woven and lace closure will have a more natural look.

Type of hair

In addition to the type of closure used. it is also important to note the type of hair you are purchasing. You may be looking for Brazilian lace closed woven or other types of hair products. Look at the quality and texture of the hair weave and look at its purity. Virgin hair is a hair that has never been chemically treated. It’s all natural, which means it’s easier to style and better overall quality. You may also want to focus on finding Brazilian hair or other types of hair that best suits the look you want to achieve.

How to determine the quality of the WEAVE


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How to accelerate hair growth

How to accelerate hair growth. Some of us are using hair extensions to hide a bad hairstyle while waiting for our hair to grow out. On average, a person’s hair is half a millimeter a day, half an inch long, and six inches a year. Although curly hair is a good choice, there are other ways to speed up your hair growth.

Change your diet

How to accelerate hair growth.When you have a healthy diet filled with the right combination of protein, minerals, and vitamins, you can see hair growing in just 2 months. A healthy diet should include balanced vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, zinc, and high-quality protein. High-quality protein can be found in fish, lean meat, chicken, and beans. A healthy diet can nourish your blood and help your hair become fuller.


Experiencing high levels of stress in everyday life can affect hair growth. Experts say that hormones are related to stress and can cause hair loss. So, relax, your hair will grow slowly!

Wash your scalp

Keeping your scalp clean and not too much grease is the key to keeping your hair extension healthy. It is recommended to massage the scalp during shampooing to stimulate blood flow. Be careful not to wash your hair too much! This can cause dryness and breakage.

Stop heating tool

Don’t mess with your hair! Hair growth begins inside the body, but if you use a hot tool to create an unwelcome environment, you can cause hair to break. Be sure to stay away from the tight bun and over-pull hair. No matter how healthy your hair is, if you cause breakage and damage, you will never have thick and fast-growing hair!

How to accelerate hair growth

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How to increase the volume of your hair

How to increase the volume of your hair. Have you seen a photo and thought, “How can I get the same volume as her hair?” “You are so lucky! Here are some tips on how to make hair more fluffy:

1. Start with your roots

Let the hair fluffy cockroaches start from your roots. This is really important, depending on your scalp type. How often you wash your hair is also a key factor in achieving hair volume.

2.Have a good night’s sleep

How to increase the volume of your hair. The way you sleep on your hair really affects your morning hair. If you wash your hair at night, tie it up and keep away from your face so that the hair won’t tangles. If you sleep wrong with your hair, it will also cause your hair to flatten and lose its size. Have you read our article on how to sleep on your hair?

3. Add hair extension

Whether your favorite method is to use tape or clips to hold your hair, a few strands of hair can work wonders. For tape extensions, a few extra boxes of hair can add the right amount of volume to your soft lock. Clipping is also a great way to increase the volume of a night out or special day.

How to increase the volume of your hair

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How To Glam Party Pony

Step 1: Add the EHP tape drive extension

How To Glam Party Pony? In order to increase the volume and plump of our model Serena’s hair, stylist Angie Gilmore made a partial length application. The main color used is “Strawberry Cake”. In the fringe area, several “apricot pies” and “strawberry cakes” combine to add size and subtle highlights to Serena’s hair.

Step 2: Curling and shaping

Once extended the application Serena’s hair curls with 2 “iron in the 2” section and sets the cooling with a small metal duckbill clip at the base.

Step3: combing and collecting

How To Glam Party Pony? Once the clip is removed from the fully cooled curls, we perform an anti-comb or “carding” at the root to remove any dents left on the clip and heat set while increasing the volume. Then use the wild boar bristle brush to loosely distribute the hair to one side.

How To Glam Party Pony


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HOW TO CURL HAIR EXTENSIONS. Now that you know how to shampoo and blow your hair, the next step is to shape them. One of our favorite hairstyles is curly hair! Jennifer Pompa is a registered beautician and hairdressing expert who showed us how to roll hair pro’s curly hair into curly hair.

HOW TO CURL HAIR EXTENSIONS. Rolling the customer’s natural hair and long hair in the same area, we want the hair to mix together rather than separate. Don’t set your temperature too high, you need to protect your hair and your client’s hair, keeping your thermal tools between 280-350 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid thermal damage and fading.

Cut the curl to the set value as the curl cools to ensure that the curl created will continue. Continue working in a small part until you have curled and set the entire head.

When you let your hair cool, remove the clip and gently comb it with your fingers or brush. If you prefer, you can spray the settings again and your customers are ready!


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Is Hair Length Your Biggest Goal And Should It Be

Is Hair Length is your biggest goal, should it be? As a blogger, the most important thing is that I can reach a lot of people. They are sometimes unsupervised, and I can hear a lot of people’s opinions on the same topic.

Therefore, although my views are still firm in most cases. I have developed a more comprehensive view of hair care, and even if someone disagrees with me. I can still see and understand their views.

Is Hair Length Your Biggest Goal And Should It Be? A recent comment posted on another brunette blog site caught my attention. The critics are annoyed at the fact that the blog mentions the length.

The reviewer claimed that the length of your hair when you were a child was parallel to the length of your adult hair. The idea is that if your hair is as long as a child, then as an adult, the length is guaranteed. If your hair has never grown, then it will never belong. You should focus on health and ultimately. That’s all we should discuss on the hair blog.

Some people are only determined to explain the positive results of others when technology does not work for them. For example, I heard that hair types determine your length potential.

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How to check the original Indian hair?

How to check the original Indian hair? First, check out their customer reviews from the product page or YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Try to find live customer reviews or customer sharing for the hair company you want to work with. For Nadula hair, you can check it on the customer review page or on the product page, all comments are real feedback from customers around the world. In addition, you can visit the Nadula YouTube channel to learn more about us.

How to check the original Indian hair? Second, check if the payment method is safe. Some counterfeit companies may cheat your money but will not send your Indian hair. If a website can only use one of the specified payment methods, then this is wired. You need to do more research on the website. this is very important.

Third, understand the company from other aspects. For example, enter their company name on Google to learn about the brand. More information will be available on the forum or on other websites. You can also view their certificates online.

Finally, if you have enough knowledge of the company, try contacting them to purchase samples to check the quality. Let them light hair and tell them whether the hair is really human or artificial. You can check if the hair is tangled or detached.

Through all the steps, you will know which company is reliable, just compare the price. But remember, the price is not omnipotent. We recommend that you do not choose the cheapest, no matter what you buy online.

How to check the original Indian hair?