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Can you wear a wig on the beach?

Can you wear a wig on the beach?

Wear a wig or hat at the beach or swimming pool:

Synthetic hair (whether top or wig) is best for swimming pools or beaches, it should be your spare – either a wig that you have worn for a while or a cheaper wig you bought for the beach or pool. Bring your main hair accessories when you travel.

If you wear a wig to the pool or the ocean, be sure to rinse it thoroughly, wear a wig and dispose of it, and consider braiding long synthetic hair before launching.

If you don’t want to wear your hair on the beach or in the pool, you have several options:

1) Put on a well-covered sun hat, such as a hat with a big hat hanging down, or wearing a “hunting” hat on the back.

2) For a hat like a fedora, if your back of the head is exposed, cover the part of your head that is exposed to the underside of the hat with a flexible headband.

3) Wear a swim towel – a scarf sewn with a swimsuit fabric.

4) Wear a light yellow headgear. You can wear it as a hat, make a rag or headscarf, or even tie it to a rosette. A buff is also suitable for wearing under the hat.

Can you wear a wig on the beach?

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