Care Info


Brush hair gently before washing to remove all tangles. We recommend using mild moisturising salon quality shampoos and conditioners. Wash hair gently and work the shampoo down the hair. Rinse and blot the extensions gently. Apply conditioner and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Finish with a cool water rinse to seal the cuticles for.extra shine. Always apply to leave in conditioner. To brush and remove tangles, use a wide tooth comb or specialist tangle removal brush. Start from the ends working gently up the hair. If using a dryer, set at a low temperature.


Hair extensions do not benefit from the natural. oils like your own hairdo and friction from brushing and heat can cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Even the best hair needs to be well cared for and well-nourished and heat and friction are your extensions worst enemies. Serum and Moroccan oil will help keep your hair soft after every wash and heat serum or protection spray are essential to protect against heat styling. Use a deep treatment once a month to keep the extensions soft and shiny. Don t wash or style your hair with products that have a high alcohol content. This can dry out extensions Use a gentle shampoo every 2- 3 weeks to clear product build-up. To avoid tangling when you sleep, tie hair in a loose braid. You can also use a satin head scarf or satin pillowcase to prevent friction.


Avoid contact with salt water and chlorinated water these can be very drying and can discolour your extensions. Always tie your hair up and wash immediately after contact. Protect your extensions from direct sunlight, like your natural hair or coloured hair, extensions can become discoloured in the sun. Some sun protection lotions have been known to cause discolouration of extensions. Any hair extensions coloured are at the customer’s risk. We recommend a professional consultation and professional application of your hair extensions.