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How to care for curls

How to care for curls

Use shampoo and conditioner

Use shampoo and conditioner to moisturize your hair. It is important to choose the right shampoo and conditions to ensure that your hair does not fall off and keep your hair smooth. You can also try different conditioners such as intensive care and injury treatment. No matter what kind of product you use, always add water, such as water spray and hail, remember, not only do this routine in the morning or evening.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase

Sleep on silk or satin pillowcases and tie Brazilian curly hair into ponytails. Bread or hazelnuts can help keep curls. You can also use some non-flushing moisturizing factors at night to keep your hair healthy. If you continue to use this method, you will find it easy to style your hair after getting up in the morning.

Keep the elasticity of curls

Healthy hair is always fashionable, so keep the curls elastic, keep it healthy and improve your confidence.

Smooth without tangles

Don’t over-seek and care whether you should be curly or straight, but do your best to protect your hair, making it smooth and tangled, which will make the hair look perfect for everyone.

Always combing hair from the bottom up

Your current method may be to attack the root of the tree first, but both experts recommend starting from the low. “Your end is the most vulnerable, so you should start from the bottom and climb up so you don’t pull it and cause damage.”

Regular trimming to avoid split ends

No matter how good your hair looks, daily combing and shampooing can cause some wear and tear, so you can’t completely prevent split ends. Inevitably, trimming is required at some point to control the split end. If you haven’t had time to cut a complete haircut, take care of your split ends.

Relieve by relying on a wide-toothed comb instead of a comb

Curls are the most vulnerable type in the human body, and each curl is a potential breakpoint. The wide-toothed comb helps to remove the edges and corners of the hair more effectively without causing a lot of hair loss.

Conditioning your hair

Once your hair is clean, use a deep conditioner from the end of the hair as this is a part that is easily damaged. The end of the hair is the most vulnerable part of the curl.

Polish with a curling iron

To keep your curls free and cool, try rolling each hair in the opposite direction. Gently comb the curly pattern of the curls with your fingers to get a beautiful effect.

How to care for curls

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