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How to choose the right 360 lace front wig?

How to choose the right 360 lace front wig?

Consider hairstyle

360 hair wigs can be divided into straight, twisted, curly, wavy and so on. You can choose any hair texture wig, and by choosing your favorite texture, you can avoid spending more time and effort to change it. Before wearing the wig for the first time, take the wig to the hair stylist, trim the bangs and the sides to make it fit your face. Choose it and follow your heart!

Consider the length of the hair

How to choose the right 360 lace front wig?Long, medium or short wig? Choose it based on your size and imagination. Long wavy Brazilian hair wigs provide a sexy and bold look while requiring more maintenance. Long curly hair Brazilian 360 lace wigs can provide a “shake-n-go” style that can be taken care of more easily.

Consider the color of the hair

The color of the wig will also have a major impact on how well it fits you. Your natural skin tone will only determine whether you should choose a warm or cool wig color. Natural hair advice also applies to the choice of wigs. In this case, you need to consider your natural pigments. Some women choose a wig that matches their natural hair color for the most comfortable. For this reason, we recommend that you look at the hair and color samples together under natural light to determine which color is most like your own. If you are going to color a person’s wig, you can color the wig at home and we will help you find a hair stylist.

How to choose the right 360 lace front wig?

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