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How To Glam Party Pony

Step 1: Add the EHP tape drive extension

How To Glam Party Pony? In order to increase the volume and plump of our model Serena’s hair, stylist Angie Gilmore made a partial length application. The main color used is “Strawberry Cake”. In the fringe area, several “apricot pies” and “strawberry cakes” combine to add size and subtle highlights to Serena’s hair.

Step 2: Curling and shaping

Once extended the application Serena’s hair curls with 2 “iron in the 2” section and sets the cooling with a small metal duckbill clip at the base.

Step3: combing and collecting

How To Glam Party Pony? Once the clip is removed from the fully cooled curls, we perform an anti-comb or “carding” at the root to remove any dents left on the clip and heat set while increasing the volume. Then use the wild boar bristle brush to loosely distribute the hair to one side.

How To Glam Party Pony


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