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How to gradually make a wig

How to gradually make a wig. A wig cap is used to ensure that your natural hair is completely flat while wearing a wig. This makes the wig look more realistic, rather than sitting on your head like a hat.

I want to share with you five simple steps to teach you how to make a big hit with a twisted straight beam and a twisted straight buckle.

step 1

In order to make a perfect and comfortable wig, the customer needs to choose the type of lace cap they want to use, then prepare all the tools and finally spend time sewing the hair. Most importantly, you must determine if the size of the hat matches your head.

Steps: 2

How to gradually make a wig.Personally, I prefer lace (sealing) because they are more flexible and easier to use when mixing your own scalp. You can find a cotton lace cap or a mesh dome-shaped wig cap that fits your head and puts it on a wig. You should make sure that your custom hair falls seamlessly on your hair as if it had grown from your head.

Steps: 3

I always recommend high-quality hair, whether it is Peruvian, Indian or Brazilian virgin hair. You can use your natural virgin to make your own DIY wig. Hairworms – about three bundles are enough (usually 100 grams per bundle). If you want your hair to look layered, you can choose a length or a few different lengths to keep the entire length more consistent.

Steps: 4

This is the most critical step. First, sew the wig on the side of the hat so that it can be tied into a high ponytail. Next, stitch the safety weft using the top and complete methods. Then make sure your edges are before your weft is flipped.

Apply a new technique to put your track in U mode instead of front and back mode. Not only when you finally wear a wig on your hair, it allows your hair to spread out smoothly, and don’t forget to make sure you have tight, neat rings and stitches when you are planting.

Step: 5

Ok, the next step is to test the applicability of the wig. Trim the lace. Take the wig off and set it aside. Apply wig tape.

How to gradually make a wig


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