How to keep the body wavy pattern at night?

How do I set my body wavy hair at night and have a body wave curling a beautiful morning?

1. Pay attention to the edges. My hair is on the edge. So I like to apply oil on the edges just to keep the hair beautiful and elastic. When we wrap it in a scarf, it also keeps it flat and beautiful.

2. Pour the oil on the palm of my hand, then pass through my hair, make sure I can put some oil in my hair, I only do this once a week, because it will last, I don’t like it on dandruff. I squeezed it out of the bottle and put it on the scalp.

three. I just comb my hair with a comb to prevent it from tangling.

4. Spray my hair with my water bottle, you don’t have to make it like super wet, just give it a little bit of definition before weaving it.

5. As long as you have your hair compiled, you don’t have to keep it up, just type it up. Make a braid on one side of the hair and do the same thing on the other side.

6. You can wash your hair once a week, or wash it twice a week, as long as you decide to wash your hair when you wash your hair.

7. Use my scarf to tie it to my side so that they can lie down because your side is already covered with oil, and they will be beautiful and layered. Also, wrap your hair in a scarf so that the hair will be loose, I don’t like my hair loose.

8. In the morning, untie your scarf, open your throat, you will be fine, your hair will keep a wavy hairstyle, you are ready.

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