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How to take care of your wig?

How to take care of your wig?

With a hat or scarf

Before going to bed, tie your hair with a hair clip, tweezers, tweezers, hair clips, curling iron or curling iron, and use a stain/silk cap or scarf.

No swimming

How to take care of your wig? Take off the wig before swimming. This will help prevent salt water and chlorine from drying your wig. Depth state after

chemical treatment

If you bleach, dye, perm or use a very hot method on your wig, you may be able to dry your hair. This may make your hair roll up. So take care of your hair after chemically treating your hair.

Good maintenance, longevity

If you notice that your hair starts to dry out, fall off, become damaged or tangled after prolonged use, you can actually add some mites to their lives by carefully caring for the hair. The wig is deeply treated using a silicon mixture. Soak, let the silicon mixture stand in the hair for one hour, and then rest for one hour after washing the hair. For deep conditioning, the fake is dispensed in a zip pocket and the microwave is heated for 60 seconds. Let the wig sit in the bag for an hour or more. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Leave the fake on the shelf and let it dry.

How To Take Care Of Your Human Hair Wigs ?

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