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When you wash your hair

When you wash your hair

Before washing your hair, make sure your hair is completely combed and at right angles.

Wash with cold water to warm water.

Make sure the virgin hair is cleaned in one direction (from the scalp to the tip) and avoid circular motion! This can lead to tangles. Always use moisturizing non-sulfate shampoos and conditioners.

When there is a conditioner on the hair, leave it for about 5 minutes and then comb the hair from the tip. Rinse thoroughly.

Squeeze excess water and blow dry. Do not dry or wring your hair with a towel.

Tips: Only use your hair to wash your hair when your hair is very oily.

When giving your virgin hair

Do not overuse the product on your hair.

Excessive retention in conditioners and other hair care products can cause hair to build up and cause tangles in the hair.

The best thing about virgin hair is that you can design your hair according to your own hair. You can dye or perm. We recommend that you use a professional colorist who has used virgin hair before or suggests that you use a cream system that is less glaring to your hair.

For curly hair, be sure to brush your hair from bottom to top every day and apply conditioner

 When you wash your hair

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