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Why is my wig always entangled?

Why is my wig always entangled?

There are several reasons why your real wigs are always entangled. The texture of the hair, the quality of the wig, the frequency of brushing, exposure to the wind, and conditioning of the wig all contribute to the matting.

Reason 1: It is not good to take care of your wig

Why is my wig always entangled?First and foremost, improperly taking care of your hair wigs will eventually cause them to tangled and pad up.

Reason 2: Wearing a wig with poor quality

It is best to pay attention to the quality and hair quality of the wig. You can’t buy a cheap wig and think that you can get a lot of wear from the wig before it starts to tangled and eventually form a mat. Inferior human hair wigs are over-processed, which can cause wigs to become tangled when exposed to water, heat or even weather conditions for the first time. Ultra-thick and curly people’s hair wigs are more likely to be dry, damaged and tangled.

BeautyForever hair wigs are made from 100% human hair. They are absolutely smooth from top to bottom, no tangles, no shedding, and luster at any angle.

Reason 3: Bad weather conditions

You may never have thought that the weather will affect your wig. Bad weather and extreme weather conditions (especially in the wind) can make anyone’s wigs worse.

Reason 4: Rarely brush wigs

If you don’t brush your wig all day and don’t sleep while wearing a wig, your wig is more likely to tangle.

Since the blame game is over, you will understand why your wig will be tangled. Let us find a solution. We will also discuss an ultra-simple way to prevent tangles and extinction wigs.

Why is my wig always entangled?

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